Reviewing hg-review


401:c87491bf6d22 Test.
400:78819a1b530e api: wrap the exists mkdir call to avoid needless errors
399:fa1f7726b08b Merge.
398:543110450d50 guts: fix for 1.9
397:48541d29e527 Merged in benallard/hg-review (pull request #1)
396:971a3a6e1df9 Only create a .exists file when we add comment or signoff
395:5a30d0a6ca83 api: Accept empty line in diffs, fix issue57
394:e62677ebd73d web: always show the full changeset description
393:4d308e5f132c web: fix summary overflows
392:f33efe14bff1 bundled: update flask
391:3fe8d9b6705b web: organize the static folder
390:a529034a32c1 web: switch to less.js
389:9b3fda6ad1df guts: remove the kick script
388:4a1d4f847bc4 readme: mention the mailing list
387:580225427d99 Add "*.un~" to .hgignore.
386:bf2c74655b2f Merge.